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Marco Förster Moderates TradeTech Panel on Digital Transformation at Hinrich Foundation’s Global Connect 2024

On June  1, Marco Förster, ASEAN Director at Dezan Shira & Associates, moderated the TradeTech Panel: Race for Digital Transformation, which was held at the Hinrich Foundation Center in Singapore. This event was a key highlight of the HFAA Global Connect 2024, focusing on the transformative impact of digital technologies on global trade.

The panel featured two distinguished speakers: Arnoud de Kam, Vice-President of OSAT (Outsourced Semiconductor Assembly And Test) Procurement at Infineon Technologies, and Pamela Mar, Managing Director of Digital Trade Initiatives at the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC). These industry leaders brought their extensive expertise to the discussion, providing insights into the evolving landscape of international commerce.

Arnoud de Kam shared Infineon Technologies’ strategies for harnessing digital advancements to enhance supply chain efficiency and procurement processes. As Germany’s largest semiconductor manufacturer, Infineon’s approach exemplifies the opportunities and challenges faced by businesses in a rapidly digitalizing sector. During the discussion, De Kam stressed the importance of integrating advanced technology in innovating supply chains to allow businesses to enhance their agility and resilience in global trade networks to withstand potential global disruptions.

Adding to the discussion, Pamela Mar offered a broader perspective on the role of digital trade initiatives in standardizing documentation and facilitating seamless global trade. Drawing on her experience with the ICC and Fung Group, Mar highlighted the future trajectory of digital trade and its implications for global supply chains. Her discussion underscored the importance of regulatory harmonization and technological integration in achieving sustainable and efficient trade practices.

Attendees left with a comprehensive understanding of how leading companies adapt and drive digital transformation to maintain their competitive edge. The event also highlighted the strategic importance of digital innovation in sustaining business growth and competitiveness in the global market.

Dezan Shira & Associates remains committed to fostering discussions on key trends and developments in international business. By engaging with thought leaders and industry experts, the firm continues to support enterprises in navigating the complexities of digital transformation and global trade.

Looking ahead, Dezan Shira & Associates anticipates further collaborations with organizations like the Hinrich Foundation and other industry leaders. These partnerships will ensure that our clients are well-equipped to leverage digital technologies for sustained success in the global marketplace.


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