The Emerging Asia
Manufacturing Index 2024

Navigating Asia’s Industrial Landscape

The Emerging Asia Manufacturing Index is a model for ranking manufacturing destinations to help international manufacturers address Asia regional knowledge gaps as they seek to better understand these rapidly changing investment and operating environments.

Currently covering eight countries, and based on the relative score ranking of data sources, the EAMI is researched and produced by Dezan Shira & Associates’ Business Intelligence practice, which is located throughout Asia and specializes in regional benchmarking and locations analysis for key sectors including manufacturing.

Each of the eight markets benchmarked in our ranking offers distinctive opportunities to foreign investors, varying according to the industry. We delineate each parameter of interest to manufacturers seeking the next investment destination in the comprehensive table available in our PDF report.

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Measuring Asia’s eight dynamic emerging countries

Across eight key tiers to help you make informed business decisions

The table below is a gathering of our key findings based on multiple parameters within each of the eight core tiers.

Rankings by Subcategory (Tiers) of the Emerging Asia Manufacturing Ranking 2024 (1 = best)

Tier Bangladesh China India Indonesia Malaysia Philippines Thailand Vietnam
5 4 2 1 7 6 8 3

The Economy Tier, weighted at 13%, evaluates various parameters such as economic growth and inflation, offering insights into the overall economic landscape with a focus on stability, resilience, and growth potential. In this year’s ranking, Indonesia emerged as the frontrunner, supported by its low inflation rate, stable currency, and the lowest debt-to-GDP ratio among the eight countries assessed. In terms of economic growth within this tier, India, Bangladesh, and the Philippines take the lead.

imagePolitical Risk
8 3 6 5 1 7 4 2
imageBusiness Environment
7 8 2 6 1 5 4 3
imageInternational Trade
8 2 7 5 3 6 4 1
imageTax Policy
6 4 7 5 3 5 1 2
7 1 5 6 3 8 2 4
4 7 1 5 3 2 8 6
8 1 4 3 2 7 6 5
Final Ranking
8 1 4 5 3 7 6 2

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