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Temecula Social Media Marketing Company

Temecula Social Media Marketing Company

With over 3 billion people using social media around the world, there's are a lot of potential customers out there for your business! And it's fair to assume, if you're local to the Temecula and Murrieta area, your target customers are on social media in high numbers.

Chances are you're considering hiring a local social media marketing company to help you take your business to the next level. But before you hand over your hard-earned cash, you should know a few things. 


Social Media is Pay-to-Play

Your organic non-paid Facebook and Instagram page posts are great, but without ads, you have almost no ability to reach new or existing local Temecula customers. And thus, your page's posts will not create new leads or sales. Your page posts likely only reach 1% - 2% of your page's fans. But with ads, your ability to reach your audience is almost unlimited. This is true with any social platform. (read my related post on, is Facebook boost post worth it.)

And beyond some minimum for social proof, there's no value in growing "likes" - you cannot deposit "likes" in the bank. And there's no correlation between "likes" and sales. 

All this does not mean, however, that you should not be making organic page posts - you should have a presence with your page posts, but you will need ads to create value for your company.


Nobody Visits Your Page

Don't obsess over your company's social media page. Make sure it looks professional and is well put together. But as mentioned above with the ads, almost nobody visits your social media page. Ads are what drive leads and sales, and traffic is sent into your website where you can control and monetize that traffic. 


Benefits of Using an Agency

There are many benefits, including increased visibility for your business: A good social media marketing company will help you get your business in front of your ideal customers.

And ultimately, the goal of any marketing campaign is to generate more sales and leads. An agency like 39 Celsius Web Marketing Consulting can help you achieve this by promoting your products or services on the platforms where your target customers are spending their time.


What to Consider Before Hiring

In addition to cost, there are several other factors you should consider, including:

  •  The platforms they specialize in: Not all companies specialize in promoting businesses on every platform, so be sure to ask about which platforms they're most experienced with.
  • Their approach to content creation and ad strategy: The content that's posted on your behalf should be high quality and relevant to your target audience. Ask each company how they handle content creation so that you can get an idea of what kind of content they would create for your business if hired.


Cost - You Get What You Pay For

Producing measurable results in leads and sales take experience. Social ad platforms are complex, and it takes experience to effectively build and run campaigns. So, the cost of hiring a social media company will vary greatly depending not only on the level of experience but the scope of work. 

Ensure that you have enough of a social media ad budget to make a measurable impact. Larger social ad budgets equal larger results. 


Be Clear On What You Want, Goals

Are you looking for more brand awareness? Or you want leads and sales? 

Your company's goals for social media have implications on not only what type of agency you need to hire, but the bigger picture strategy. 

If your goals are simple and you're primarily interested in local brand awareness, for example, with a restaurant, then these types of campaigns are simpler to implement, generally speaking, versus a lead generation campaign. 

If your goal is leads and sales, then make sure the agency you hire has experience with a more complete strategy that includes landing pages and lead nurturing. It's not enough to just run ads. You need a complete funnel (related post here on how marketing automation helps small businesses). 

Now that you understand a bit more about what goes into choosing a social media marketing company and how to find the right Temecula company for your business, it’s time to take action.

The best way to get started is by scheduling a call with me. I will be able to answer any remaining questions you have and put together a custom plan for your business. Don’t wait – the sooner you get started on social media, the better!

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