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Five Essential Steps That Help You Find a Temecula Web Developer

Business owners in Temecula, are you missing out on all the money that could be coming your way if you had a more effective website? A website that actually grew your leads, sales, and profit, and skyrocketed your company's brand presence.

Your website needs to look professional and represent your business in the best way possible, but one that also improves your online presence and grows sales and profit for you, too.

But with many Temecula web designers throughout the Valley and Murrieta, it can be challenging to find the right one. A company with the right web design services that you will feel confident with. (related post here on website redesign SEO checklist).

Prefer to watch a video on this topic?

Still, it's worth the short investment in time to pre-qualify a website design company. The wrong decision can leave you frustrated. And worse yet, leave you with nothing more than a shiny object that does zero to help you grow your sales and profit; after all, that’s the goal of almost any business. 

So here are several short steps that will put you on the right path to qualifying a local design agency, and that answer the question:

How do I choose a web design company?

Step 1

Convey Your Vision

Be clear on your company’s vision and find someone that can translate that into a functional and visually appealing website. Being clear about your vision and what your business does ensures you start on the same page with the agency. 

your website vision

Step 2

Start With the End in Mind

Be clear on your company's goals.  Are you looking for your website to generate more leads? Increase local brand awareness? A website is only the beginning of digital marketing. This step is crucial because your goals dictate your site's design. 

Did you want something just “pretty” or a site that delivers an increase in sales and profit?

For example, if leads and sales are essential goals for you, find a company that understands:

  • SEO - Search Engine Optimization
  • Website conversion optimization techniques
  • And writes effective copy that compels your prospects to take action

There’s a big difference between a design agency that is branding focused and makes “pretty” websites versus a web design company that builds a website that not only looks good and represents your brand, but also generates leads and sales for your company.

At 39 Celsius, we are customer-focused website designers who build sites that meet your goals for web design and turn your website into a profit center. We are also a Temecula SEO company which means we build websites designed to rank in Google search, Google Maps so you can capture more traffic, leads, and sales. 

Step 3

Ease of Use and Site Navigation

Ask the design company about its approach to ease of use and navigation in the website design process. The internet is a goal-oriented medium. In other words, people are searching for information. And if that information is hard to find on your website or non-existent, the traffic will instantly click away to a competitor. Therefore, websites need to be goal oriented. 

Our philosophy on building a website is to reduce friction in the sales process, making the site easy to navigate and use for your customers. 

beautiful website design temecula

Step 4

Customer-Centric Web Design

Any good website strategy starts with the customer. As much as you have a vision for what you want your website to look like, take a step back and think about your customers and their needs and wants. 

  • What are they trying to achieve?
  • What is their goal?
  • What do they need to hear to become a customer?
  • What is a deal killer for them? 

And remember, most companies likely have more than one type of customer. Understanding this will help you design a better website that produces better results. 

  • Do you serve both b-to-c and b-to-b customers? 
  • Do you serve residential and commercial clients?

For example, a commercial customer has very different needs and wants than a residential customer. 

Male clients have different needs and wants than female clients. 

And thus, your imagery, website navigation, and written copy all change significantly depending on who the customer is. There's nothing more off-putting than writing bad content that is general in tone and focus. So always start with the customer first.

Ensure the web designer approaches the UX/UI (i.e., user experience/design) from your various customer segments’ perspectives. All customers are not created equally.

At 39 Celsius, all our website design projects begin with understanding your customers first.

We start projects with our customer persona worksheet. This document helps us understand your different customer segments and their unique needs and wants, in addition to your sales process, sales cycle, and how to speak with your customers. All these factors are critical to establishing a trustworthy presence online that leads to more sales. 

Step 5

Technical Website Factors

Mobile Responsiveness: 

These days, a mobile responsive website is a must.

When browsing the web, I still see websites where the content doesn’t render well on mobile devices.

For example, the content scrolls off the screen to the right where it's not visible unless you scroll to the right to read it. Or, the content is in tiny font, and clickable elements are too close together, so people are fat fingering and clicking on the wrong buttons, or pinching the screen to make it larger and more readable. 

Not only is this poor website usability for the user - UX/UI design - but it frustrates customers and chases them away to your competitors. Plus, mobile usability is a Google ranking factor. So, your website is at a distinct disadvantage in terms of SEO, and with Google Ads and Facebook ads as the landing page experience will be rated poor. 

In addition, Google uses a mobile-only index.

Perhaps your site loads well on a desktop, but that doesn’t factor into ranking your website in Google for important keywords. For example, we had a client whose site loaded quickly on the desktop. He was happy with this until we showed him his site speed score on mobile devices. The majority of website traffic comes from mobile devices.

Site Speed:

Google uses site speed as a ranking factor. Not long ago, Google's Core Web Vitals (CWV) rolled out as a ranking factor. Google also provides web developer with CWV metrics to help web developers improve their understanding of their site's speed performance and how to improve it.

If your website loads slowly on mobile devices, your organic rankings and website traffic will suffer. This leaves a clear opening for your competitors. 

A slow site speed or individual page load times can be caused by many poor design elements.

Some of these elements include, but are not limited to:

  • Your font selection
  • Too many images
  • Images that are too big and not optimized for mobile devices 
  • Other coding factors and web hosting factors

Site Crawlability: 

Some web design elements will also inhibit Google from understanding what your site is about, or prevent it from reading any of the content. 

At 39 Celsius, we balance all our web design projects with site speed and your customers’ needs. However, there are diminishing returns on site speed, so a balance is required in how you design a website. 

Important Considerations for Website Redesign

If you're undergoing a redesign of your website, you want to ensure your SEO presence is maintained. It's very easy to wipe out any progress that a site has with website redesign. Here's a more detailed post that covers the essential elements to keep in mind, but in summary:

  • Do not change page URLs
  • Ensure the underlying meta data stays the same
  • Maintain similar site architecture (i.e. page layouts and site organization)
  • Ensure all page content is transferred over

So, I hope these simple guidelines about how to select a Temecula web design company that aligns to your goals have helped you. Schedule a time below with us to talk about your project.

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