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Lightweight Client-ERP for Accounting Services Customers

Organizing and Localizing Growth

When businesses scale up in emerging Asia, they often face operational growing pains, as they outgrow existing software that cannot adequately handle increased workflows, workforce, capability and compliance needs.

An enterprise resource planning (ERP) system helps ensure that company growth does not hamper internal processes and customer experience.

  • An ERP system improves transparency, increases corporate and local tax compliance, tightens internal controls, empowers decision makers, and increases overall productivity as a business grows or expands in Asia.
  • Integrated ERP systems can additionally streamline bank and vendor payments, digitalize reimbursements and local tax compliance, digitize records, and further improve business processes.
  • Companies with large workforces spread across numerous countries often require sophisticated customizations in their ERP systems to ensure compliance over multiple jurisdictions.

By working with a services firm in Asia that possesses not only technical skills, but is also bilingual and possesses legal and tax regulatory capabilities, you can ensure that your systems are planned, deployed, and integrated quickly and competently in emerging Asia – as a standalone system or as a localization of your global ERP.

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Advantages of a Localized ERP in Asia


Communication Across Departments and Offices

Remove the obstacles to communication and knowledge sharing stemming from using multiple apps. An ERP system integrates and consolidates data and business processes across platforms, departments, and locations to streamline communication and allow business processes to move with greater shared knowledge and expediently across the organization.


Optimizing Internal Processes

Integrating an ERP system to local regulations is the perfect excuse to optimize internal processes. With new applications, businesses can automate much of their routine data input tasks – making the ERP system not only compliant but efficient.


Pan-Asian Compliance

A healthy ERP system should be able to accommodate local regulations and ensure compliance everywhere that a company is active. Building local compliance into an ERP system saves employees time and frustration while protecting a company from expensive fines.


Customer Experience

An ERP system can work as the foundation of quality customer experience. ERP systems enable a company to deliver goods and services on time, provide additional support, and offer real-time updates. ERP systems empower companies to ensure their business continues to deliver quality customer experience during and following periods of growth.


Better User Experience

A well-planned and integrated ERP system can maximize your staff’s end-user experience by running smoothly and seamlessly between applications – to optimize satisfaction and productivity.


Visual Insights

Managing data via a single system can yield valuable insights for the company. We develop applications to visualize raw company data into report graphs, charts, and infographics, to empower our client’s business with current information to take critical decisions.

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Supported ERP Modules, Systems, and Commonly Integrated Platforms



Supported Systems


Commonly Integrated Platforms


ERP Advisory

  • ERP analysis and planning, including risk assessment and process review
  • Project Coordination with clients’ local teams, HQ-based technology teams and other key stakeholders
  • ERP Local Compliance and System Requirements Advisory
  • Local to Global ERP Integration Advisory and Support
  • Integration Advisory for other systems

ERP System Implementation

  • Requirements Analysis
  • Systems Design and implementation
  • User Acceptance Testing
  • Data Cleanup and Migration
  • Go-live Preparation
  • Key User Training

Integrations with:

  • Local tax bureaus for issuance of official invoices and/or official invoice verification
  • Banking institutions for automated payments (some countries only)
  • Expense Management tools to digitalize the AP process and voucher creation
  • CRM systems to incorporate sales and support services
  • Customers’ online portals for management of web orders
  • Power BI Reports development

ERP Maintenance

  • Systems management and user maintenance
  • Cloud and on-premise server maintenance
  • Ongoing configuration changes and customizations

Cloud Maintenance & Backup

  • Manage subscribed Cloud services
  • Managed configuration changes and account maintenance
  • Cloud-based backup

Ongoing Training and Helpdesk

  • Remote and on-site support
  • Systems training for administrators
  • End user training to maximize workflow performance and fully realize deployments

Dezan Shira & Associates combines technological proficiency and local knowledge in advising and assisting clients with IT systems in Asia. The practice has a dedicated IT team that is experienced in providing cost-effective solutions for traditional IT infrastructure, Cloud computing applications, and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. Our team can tailor its services to a wide range of business goals after further consultation.

  • Nearly three decades of experience in Asia’s complex regulatory environments.
  • Turnkey ERP solution provider, from planning to implementation & integration, and onto support & continuous improvements
  • Deep team experience on Microsoft Dynamics 365 , Microsoft AX, Navision and other ERP systems.
  • In-house experts for accounting, audit, internal controls, tax, HR and payroll compliance.
  • Strong OEM support, Microsoft certified, and a robust certified network for SAP, NetSuite and Odoo.
  • One-stop shop for ERP and ICT, providing related IS, Cloud, and IT solutions.
  • Multi-country coverage throughout the APAC and South Asia regions

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