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Business intelligence is a critical component of the decision making process when considering where and how an investment into Asia should be made. Our pan-Asia team can help your business with its strategic direction.

Asia’s relentless economic growth and diverse range of economies present amazing opportunities for foreign investment. Foreign companies exploring opportunities in the region can, however, become exposed to shifting costs, complex regulatory requirements, and conflicting information.

Dezan Shira & Associates’ Business Intelligence professionals have a deep understanding of market entry across Asia, and the Belt and Road Initiative, in addition to strong connections with local suppliers, distributors, and industrial zones.

Dezan Shira’s Business Intelligence solutions provide investors with the tools to clarify their options and the means to capitalize on opportunities across Asia.

Our areas of expertise include:

Global companies today, face complexities and volatilities that can drive rapid changes to how and in which Asian markets they must operate in, to maximize their competitive advantages. Such changes can require creating new partnerships in foreign markets amidst limited knowledge of target environments, cultures and languages.

Our Business Matchmaking services help international companies find and engage reputable local partners that suitably match their plans. This includes the targeting of suppliers, distributors, retailers, and other partner types, across many key sectors.

The approach we apply comprehensively supports the following stages:

  1. Partner Matchmaking Project Definition
  2. Longlist Development and Target Screening
  3. Shortlist Outreach, Evaluation and Selection
  4. Partner Meeting Facilitation
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Our Location Analysis and Site Selection service zeros in on optimal geographies for investment, profiles special economic zones, and supports companies during visits to individual sites.

  • Cross Regional Cost Comparison
  • Applicable Investment Incentives
  • Infrastructure Quality Analysis
  • Industrial Zone Identification and Benchmarking
  • Site Visit Support
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Our Market Selection and Entry Strategy advisory helps companies to choose a market, method for incorporation, and supply chain structure that meets the needs of their local and regional operations.

  • Cross Country Competitiveness Benchmarking
  • Tariff, Double Tax, Tax Incentive, and Supply Chain Engineering
  • Corporate Structuring Analysis
  • Comprehensive Entry Strategy Development
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Our Market Research solutions quantify opportunities in different countries and regions and encompasses specific industries, clarification of regulatory requirements for individual business lines, and help companies to better understand their long-term costs in new markets.

  • Cross Country Comparisons
  • Political Risk Analysis
  • Applicable Double Tax, Free Trade, and Trade-related Incentives
  • Industry Trends and Development Analysis
  • Consumer Segmentation and Preferences
  • Regulatory and Licensing Compliance
  • Salary Benchmarking
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With rising supply chain and manufacturing disruptions, it may be time to rethink whether it remain adequate to rely on your current suppliers, or on single country sourcing strategies. Whether you are looking to diversify sourcing and production by expanding to China’s second tier cities or to alternative or additional locations elsewhere in Asia, we can assist you to implement strategies which mitigate risks and secure your business and operations into the future.

  • Secure capacity and stability
  • Realize alternative sourcing locations and production hubs
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Case Study

Improving Competitiveness in Asia Manufacturing: Cross-Country Benchmarking for Relocation by a US Hydraulics Manufacturer

An American hydraulic systems component manufacturer wanted to investigate the feasibility of relocating from China to an alternate location in Asia. Through a multi-country feasibility study, they select an optimal relocation destination, reduce operational costs and tariff exposure, and mitigate trade war risks.

Case Study

Building Supply Chain Resilience in Asia: Country Competitiveness Benchmarking by a European Textile Manufacturer

A European textile company with a manufacturing presence in China, planned to relocate their manufacturing unit to a more cost-competitive country in Asia. Through a multi-country feasibility study of eight South and Southeast Asian countries, they were able to find the most optimal choice from a cost and operational perspective.

Case Study

US-China Trade Tensions: How a Building Products Manufacturer is Thriving Across Borders with Diversified Production

The company required a location analysis for available options in China as well as alternate markets in Asia to shift production with an emphasis on containing the tariff exposure. Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand, and Vietnam were examined as potential alternatives.

Trusted by Global Businesses

Our clients are headquartered in more than 100 countries worldwide - including Europe, the Americas, and Asia, ranging in size from start-ups, to mid-cap and large enterprises. Here is what our clients have to share about us:

Our company had already been operating in Asia for years. However, Dezan Shira's Business Intelligence team provided us with a country benchmarking study, that led us to make key decisions with our supply chain that has since increased our company's ...competitiveness.
Dezan Shira has played a crucial role in helping our China expansion from a RO to a full-fledged trading entity - through careful planning, in-person meetings, and qualitative strategic advice. The setup is particularly complex in China, but we were led through the legal and tax intricacies, regulations, and obligations towards local authorities smoothly. We were delighted to close the circle by inaugurating our China office ...with Dezan Shira’s help.
Ping has offices in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Vietnam and Thailand. We’ve been a client of Dezan Shira’s for 25 years, from setting up companies, to back-office services. Although many “big 8” firms think they specialize in Asia, Dezan Shira is the only firm that I know of with the breadth, depth, and expertise across the region. My compliments to the team for our 25 years of positive experience; I rely on, recommend, ...and trust you even more.
Bloomsbury Institute, a UK higher education provider, engaged Dezan Shira to incorporate their company in India and assist with employment and payroll. They efficiently handled the complex process, enabling them to set up the company, including a bank account, and employ 7 staff members in Hyderabad. Their multi-disciplinary team is a pleasure to work with and provided comprehensive services in-house. Client service and have been excellent and they continue to ensure our compliance with company law and assist with payroll services.
Dezan Shira & Associates’ excellent integrated corporate service solutions and strategic advice, have played a crucial role for us in implementing our Singapore expansion ...plans.
It has been pleasure working with the team. The Dezan Shira and Associates India team is very professional, always there to support clients, and are very ...accommodating.
Dezan Shira assists Organica Water with our corporate secretarial services, financial and tax advice in Asia. Their availability and high-level professional services have led to a valuable long-term relationship, resulting in global ...cooperation.

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