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How We Provide Support to Australian Firms throughout Asia

Dezan Shira & Associates is a multi-disciplinary professional services firm operating throughout the Asia-pacific (APAC) region providing tax, legal, audit, accounting, and advisory services. Beginning life in Hong Kong and Shenzhen in 1992, we have grown over the past quarter century to have over 20 offices and several hundred staffs across the region, and also work closely with our alliance partners in the EU and USA.

Of the total foreign investment, we have facilitated over the years, a significant and valuable proportion - some AUD$260 million - has been from Australian businesses, making Dezan Shira & Associates a long term, proven, and trusted advisor to Australian companies and individuals.

We are members of numerous Australian-focused organizations throughout Asia and have long lasting relationships with other Australian institutional entities operating in the region. These include the Australian Chamber of Commerce in China, who we have cooperated with over the years to support Australian investment all over China, as well as Australian investment agencies such as Austrade. Our firm writes, produces, and publishes under Asia Briefing Ltd., including its well-known China, ASEAN, India, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Russia Briefing titles, and its new Silk Road Briefing title. The China Briefing website alone is in the top one percent of most visited websites, according to Alexa. These titles have long provided educational support to students in Australia for studying purposes, as well as served as a first step ‘how to’ resource for thousands of Australian businesspeople. This commitment to providing a free, educational intelligence service has cemented our reputation as one of the most knowledgeable professional service practices in Asia.

Regular Business Updates

Make informed decisions regarding your investments in Asia by following Asia Briefing. Underpinned by our expertise and on the ground experience in Asia, our dedicated editorial team regularly publishes business intelligence articles, reports, and detailed guides to keep you up to date and informed.

Asia Briefing content is available for syndication, we regularly partner with respected organizations such as US government agencies to provide their audience with resources to remain updated in the region. Contact our team to discuss syndication.


Our Clients

Our Australian clients are generally smaller listed companies, subsidiaries of listed companies, small to medium sized privately-owned companies as well as expatriate individuals. Many of which are world class and well-known brands, while others are more modest, producing innovative solutions. The vast majority, with the help of Dezan Shira, have been able to navigate the complex laws and regulations and increasingly changing market conditions throughout the region and achieve a great deal of success.

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Why work with Dezan Shira

Dezan Shira & Associates is a pan-Asia, multi-disciplinary professional services firm, providing market entry, legal, accounting, tax, HR, technology, and operational advisory to international investors.

A team of dedicated business advisory managers providing consultation and operational support in English, German, and many more languages.

Solutions for our clients from a range of industries focusing on actual business needs and giving integrated solutions across several service lines.

Strong partner network including governmental and business organizations across Asia to provide value-added services, advice, and contacts.

Access to ASEAN markets through our subsidiaries and business-related news and advice through our website ASEAN Briefing.

Our Services

We are a pan-Asia, multi-disciplinary professional services firm, providing market entry, legal, accounting, tax, HR, technology, and operational advisory services tailored to help businesses and investors manage the unique hurdles of international business, across jurisdictions, and in each market.

Pre-Entry Intelligence and Advisory

Business intelligence is a critical component of the decision-making process when considering where and how an investment into Asia should be made. Our pan-Asia team can help your business with its strategic direction.

M&A and Due Diligence

Minimizing risks to realize opportunities is a unique challenge in Asia. Our team integrates local, legal and financial expertise to help our clients de-risk their investments.

Corporate Establishment and Global Staffing / PEO

Managing personnel in Asia requires a robust approach to local regulations and customs. Our services are designed to help foreign-invested companies with compliance and best practices.

Tax, Legal and Accounting advice

Tax laws and regulations throughout Asia are continuously being updated and refined. Our team of professionals is accustomed to navigating this fast-paced environment.

HR and Payroll services

Managing personnel in Asia requires a robust approach to local regulations and customs. Our services are designed to help foreign invested companies with compliance and best practices.

Technology services

We understand that Asia’s Information Technology (IT) environment is unique and encompasses the need to understand different languages and software. Our advisors can help you find solutions.

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Since its establishment in 1992, Dezan Shira & Associates has become one of Asia’s most versatile consultancies with more than 600 lawyers, accountants, auditors, HR professionals, business intelligence and technology experts, delivering fully integrated services from more than 35 global offices. Our Australia leadership team:

Senior Manager, International Business Advisory
Junior Marketing Associate- Australian Desk

Trusted by Global Businesses

Our clients are headquartered in more than 100 countries worldwide, including Europe, the Americas, and Asia and range in size from start-ups, to mid-cap and large enterprises. Here is what our clients have to share about us:

Dezan Shira & Associates’ excellent integrated corporate service solutions and strategic advice, have played a crucial role for us in implementing our Singapore expansion ...plans.
Mastip has found Dezan Shira team to be very helpful and always readily available to provide assistance on any occasion. For us, employing staff without a registered office was not possible. However, Dezan Shira and Associates made this possible and have helped to add considerable value to our company by allowing us to recruit the right caliber of people. The team has always helped in a timely ...manner, and we find their services professional and efficient.
We’ve been using Dezan Shira as our service provider for corporate compliance, including company setup, amendment, and de-registration, legal advisory concerning localized policy and regulations, labor issues, visa services, tax and accounting, payroll and HR services, and more. We chose them because they consistently deliver services with high efficiency, professionalism, and comprehensive ...solutions. Their attention to detail and considerate approach have earned our full trust.
Dezan Shira and Associates India team have supported our business both prior to and after the establishment of our subsidiary in 2019. They helped significantly during COVID personal involvement was less possible, assisted on legal and trademarking issues, conducting business in India, and ongoing guidance when issues inevitably arise. We appreciate their support and highly recommend Dezan ...Shira.
Dezan Shira has played a crucial role in helping our China expansion from a RO to a full-fledged trading entity - through careful planning, in-person meetings, and qualitative strategic advice. The setup is particularly complex in China, but we were led through the legal and tax intricacies, regulations, and obligations towards local authorities smoothly. We were delighted to close the circle by ...inaugurating our China office with Dezan Shira’s help.
Ping has offices in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Vietnam and Thailand. We’ve been a client of Dezan Shira’s for 25 years, from setting up companies, to back-office services. Although many “big 8” firms think they specialize in Asia, Dezan Shira is the only firm that I know of with the breadth, depth, and expertise across the region. My compliments to the team for our 25 years of positive ...experience; I rely on, recommend, and trust you even more.
Bloomsbury Institute, a UK higher education provider, engaged Dezan Shira to incorporate their company in India and assist with employment and payroll. They efficiently handled the complex process, enabling them to set up the company, including a bank account, and employ 7 staff members in Hyderabad. Their multi-disciplinary team is a pleasure to work with and provided comprehensive services ...in-house. Client service and support have been excellent and they continue to ensure our compliance with company law and assist with payroll services.
Dezan Shira & Associates’ excellent integrated corporate service solutions and strategic advice, have played a crucial role for us in implementing our Singapore expansion ...plans.
It has been pleasure working with the team. The Dezan Shira and Associates India team is very professional, always there to support clients, and are very ...accommodating.
Dezan Shira assists Organica Water with our corporate secretarial services, financial and tax advice in Asia. Their availability and high-level professional services have led to a valuable long-term relationship, resulting in global ...cooperation.

Asia Insights for Australian Businesses

Australian businesses are increasingly looking to expand and adjust their supply chains and go-to-market strategies across Asia. Watch and read what our experts have to say on the deeper issues in this regard:

Enquire for more information about our services, and how we can help solve challenges for your organization.

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